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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Project Life - Scrapbooking that is NOT hard!

Truth Time:
Scrapbooking scares the total daylights out of me!
(um...I know what you're thinking, "wait, what did she just say?!")

Yes, the crafty Stampin' Up! lady does not even own scrapbook...


Okay, so I don't own a real scrapbook...YET...but I am creating one using MyDigitalStudio and Project Life by Stampin' Up!
These two products make it SUPER easy to get my feet wet.

MDS is our digital scrapbooking software, that really is for OH so much more!  The Project Life by Stampin' Up! is a collection of super cute journaling cards, page fillers, and embellishments that are meant for quick and easy use!

Here is my page :)

aw... ain't he just the cutest thing?!

This week is our 10th Anniversary!  Oh my!!  a whole decade!

For this layout I used the 

 Love Story Digial Project Life Cards - Digital Download 
**Best $19.95 you could ever spend!! This is only a tiny sample of what comes in this kit!**

I plan on creating an entire album to supplement the wedding album we have.  Its a great wedding memory, but lets face it, a LOT has changed in the last 10 years and I want to make a "round 2" version of our first decade together.  I am SO excited that I cannot stand it!

this digital version makes it SUPER simple to create a layout, change the shapes, colors, etc.  and when I get stuck...the journaling cards are the perfect extra embellishment all by themselves.  

The best part?!  When I'm all done...I can order my new photobook RIGHT FROM MDS!!  :)

Not really feeling the black and white or the lovey dovey wedding motif?  Check out these downloads:


Think these are cute?!  There are MORE!! :)
Click here to see them all!

Don't forget to check back tomorrow, you never know what I might make!

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