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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Life Interrupted.



This past week has been complete chaos...I'm not going to lie.
Between cleaning out 3 different closets....preparing 2 different back to school bags....and FINALLY getting summer weather the weekend before school starts, we are spent.  And this mamma, is ready for her life back...structure, and discipline... YAY!

but look at them....
  when did my baby grow up?!  3rd Grade already?!

My Favorite girl! She gets taller by the second! 
 This just happened!!  Young 5's here we come!

Little brother is going to miss his partner in crime.  Looking forward to some one on one time with that little guy!

Stop taking pictures mom! 
Thanks for your grace and forgiveness this week as I have been a crafty recluse.  I promise you that I have been working hard, just not able to post for you.
Tomorrow:  Paper Pumpkin from HAVE to sign up before the end of this week!!
AND...... The Holiday Catalog goes LIVE on Thursday!!  EEEEKK!!!!

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