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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Technique Tuesday! Markers and Blocks

Happy Tuesday!

Are you excited to see a fun way to use your markers today?
We're going to stamp with our markers and our clear blocks.  Wait..What?!

First Step.  Pick out any of your markers that you'd like to use.
Then grab a block that is at least as big (if not bigger!!) than the paper you will be "stamping on"
Next:  Color your block!

I colored in stripes 

* wanna see something fun? *
 color your block however you want...

Spritz with alcohol and watch the magic happen!!
and you get this!

How cool is that?!  i think it kind of looks like mud.  :)  love it though!

then put all the pieces together and you have a visually awesome card with minimal work!

Want to see some more?! Head on over to SSInkspiration to see what the girls are making today too!

Happy Stampin!

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