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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

What have I been up to lately!?! You have GOT to see this!

So in the midst of my stamping hiatus for end of school year INSANITY, I decided to take on a "quick and easy" project for my husband's birthday.  Haha.  When is something EVER quick and easy?

So my family is HUGE into outdoor hangouts.  Cookouts, bonfires, general just chillaxin, you name it.  One of our FAVORITE things to do is play bean bags! (for all of us midwesterners, its actually called Cornhole, but seriously...what a name?!?!)

So instead of going to the lake for some fun in the sun over Memorial weekend, I stayed home and under the guise of "housework overload" decided to build my husband a new Cornhole board and bags.
Yes..I am crazy.

So my buddy came over and helped me build the boards.  He let me make all the mistakes and use the power tools.  It was pretty sweet.

Pay no attention to the Lemonhead shaped hole in the middle.  I promise you I evened it out.  Apparently using a Jigsaw is NOT like sewing....almost...but not really.  Notice the safety goggles...always use proper safety equipment.  You know, like when you squat down to use the chop your flip flops and shorts.  haha  but hey, I was wearing my goggles!!

So then came the fun part!! Sanding.  oh wait.  That is NOT fun.  It is tedious and boring.....Moving on.

The real fun part!?  Filling in the holes with putty, sanding them all down and then priming.  Pretty easy right?


then this happens

Ha Ha.  Oops.  Thankfully, it was after I finished painting!!
Now...while we wait for paint to dry, onto the bags!!

Yes, I painted these puppies using Glow-in-the-Dark Medium mixed with the
paint.  Can't lose them in the dark now can we?!
Oh, and yes, I forgot about the seam allowances on the yellow bags.  Oops.
and of course, the bag project wouldn't be complete without this....

Thankfully, I had my vacuum ready, and no one minds a little dog hair in their bean bags right?

So all in all, I'd have to say my project was a COMPLETE! success!!

Wanna make a completely awesome set for yourself?  Its hard to tell from this pic, but the boards are COLLAPSIBLE!!   They have legs that fold flat so these make a great set for camping or just generally for storage.  These turned out MUCH better than our first set.
The instructions for this set were SUPER easy to read and there are lots of pictures.
I got my instructions and general "how-to" from this awesome site.

Now....where did I set my beer?  I do believe its my toss!

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