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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Falling leaves, a 50th Anniversary, and New Downloads....I LOVE Tuesdays!

So this is how my weekend started.  I love these guys.  Who knew it was going to be 80 degrees October?!  We were loving the summer-like weather while enjoying a fall activity!

and then...the chaos continued with the projects that are consuming my all-scattered brain lately....

Scrapbooking scares me.  Literally makes my heart beat a little faster just typing the word.

So not only am I attempting my FIRST EVER! scrapbook...I'm doing it as a gift for my in-law's 50th wedding anniversary.....and it will be on display for the million (okay maybe just 200) people we invited to their party.   I think I'll just take that Valium now.

and ...

Centerpieces ... totally forgot the ribbon before posting this pic...imagine a slim green ribbon....and you can't see the gold curlicues sticking out because I forgot to move the gold paper before snapping a quick pick.  But you get the idea.

Photo boards, banners, table runners, and other 50th Anniv Hoopla to come!  Only 4 more days till the big day!!

In other news......
Its TUESDAY!!!   New download day!!

Be sure to stop by my store and see the amazing ugly sweater download!!  yes, you heard it correctly!

There are so many cute downloads to check out!

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