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Friday, September 5, 2014

Project Life and MDS

How STINKING cute is the newest Project Life by Stampin' Up! download this month?!?!
If you think creating a digital scrapbook is hard...I'm here to tell you, it so so so is not!
~Seasonal Snapshot Digital Project Life Cards ~
(and this isn't even all of the images!)

I can't even function right now with the amount of holiday awesomeness in this pack!!  63 Digital Stamps....and 205 Embellishments!!  WOWZA!  and only $19.95   do you KNOW the damage you can do to some scrapbooks with this?!?!!  
Oh .. My .. Word .. 

Here is what I far!

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy Folks!
Take your favorite pictures, add the elements, use some stamps and some text...and POOF!  Move from September to October in the blink of an eye!
Wanna know the BEST part?!  You do NOT have to cut anything out!  You do NOT have to worry about weather anything "matches."  You do NOT have to think too hard!

I am completely in love.  
And its not just for scrapbook pages.  You can print out these super adorable images, and use them on cards...subway bags...oh I could go on for days.
All of the digital stamp brush images can go RIGHT ON TOP of your photos!  You can change the color, the size, even crop some of the image.  The possibilities are ENDLESS!  And because its digital, it really is effortless.  If you don't like something...delete it.  No more weird scraps and piles of wasted stickers.

If you can think of ONE good reason this won't change your life...please...I'd love to hear it :)

Now...if you're a traditional scrapbooker...fear not, there are LOTS of ensembles like this for you!

This set is available in hard copy as well!
Seasonal Snapshot Photocards
Seasonal Snapshot Accessories kit

Wanna see some of these kits in action?  Head on over to SSINKSPIRATION for a peek at what our amazing design team has to show you!
~ Happy Stampin' (and Project Life'n!)

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